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Hardboard Puzzle. Free layout. code: PZ08HB
Personalized photo puzzle Hardboard type. Dimension 25cm x 17cm x 3mm thick.  Puzzle pieces 30pieces. Normal production 4 working days. Express service 1 day.

Magnetic Photo Puzzle MP01A5
Personalized magnetic photo puzzle A5 size 82 pieces. size 8.3'' x 5.8''. allow 5 days

Magnetic Photo Puzzle MP01A4
Personalized magnetic photo puzzle A4 size 120 pieces. size 210mm x 295mm. allow 5 days

Puzzle Heart Shape code: PZ190H
Heart shape puzzle size 190mm x 235mm x 2mm thick. 50 pieces.
Option to include framing. Lead time: 4 days

A5 Puzzle Free layout. code: P01A5
Personalised photo puzzle A5 size 8.3'' x 5.8'' with 82 pieces. allow 4 days

Photo Puzzle A4 size Free layout. code: P01A4
Personalized photo puzzle A4 size 11.6'' x 8.3'' 120 pieces. allow 5 days

Puzzle A3 Free layout code: PZA3
Free layout personalized photo puzzle A3 size 11.5" x 16" 300 pieces. Option to add in framing. Lead time: 5 days

Puzzle 305mm x 275mm size free layout code: PZ1210
Personalised puzzle, free layout for one or more images. size 305mm x 275mm with 210 pieces. Lead time: 4 days

Puzzle 533mm x 380mm size free layout code: PZ1521
Personalised puzzle, free layout for one or more images. size 533mm x 380mm with 408 pieces. Lead time: 7 days

Puzzle 760mm x 510mm size free layout code: PZ2510
Personalised puzzle, free layout for one or more images. size 760mm x 510mm with 759 pieces. Lead time: 7 days


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